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Hosting info
Host name : WebSiteSource
Additional info: This experience gives our customers the peace of mind that their websites are being managed by veteran professionals.
Established info: 1998
Submited: 2003-09-03
Rating:3.56 out of 10
Based on:3 votes

Hosting Plans
WebSiteSource All In One ($8.96/month, $0.00 setup, 500 MB space, 10 GB)
WebSiteSource Basic ($15.96/month, $20.00 setup, 200 MB space, 5 GB)
WebSiteSource Delux ($23.96/month, $20.00 setup, 300 MB space, 8 GB)
WebSiteSource Commerce ($31.96/month, $20.00 setup, 400 MB space, 10 GB)
WebSiteSource Professional ($39.96/month, $20.00 setup, 500 MB space, 12 GB)

1-worst  10-best

Hosting votes
problems (6.0000 / 10) by Richard Ackermann on 2003-09-18
Really bad (3.6667 / 10) by Anonymous on 2003-09-18
Incompetent frauds (1.0000 / 10) by Laura Davidson on 2004-04-30

Incompetent frauds by Laura Davidson  
Length of time hosted by this company:For less than a month
Date when last hosted by this company:Less than 3 months ago
Plan used:Virtual private server
Customer service rating:1
Technical quality rating:1
Cost rating:1
Overall rating: 1.00
• On April 9th, we ordered a VPS hosting account and uploaded our site to the server. We immediately discovered very slow 100Kbits/sec downstream speed from the server, and chatted with technical support about it. They verified the problem but had no idea how to solve it.

• The following Monday, April 12, we checked downstream speed and found the problem wasn’t solved. We cancelled the account and, as you might expect, demanded that both the monthly and setup fees, totaling $74.95, be entirely refunded.

• On April 27, still no credit. I emailed billing, who said she had no awareness of the account and included a lengthy lecture on the nature of billing.

• On April 29, a credit was posted dated April 27, for $49.95. I emailed billing, who refused to fully make good on the failure to deliver services paid for by crediting the full amount, including setup fees, of $74.95. She also complained about how much of the company’s time we had taken up.

At no time did anyone apologize.
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problems by Richard Ackermann  
Customer's web site:
Length of time hosted by this company:For 1 year - 3 years
Date when last hosted by this company:1 year - 3 years ago
Plan used:most of them, I'm a reseller
Customer service rating:6
Technical quality rating:7
Cost rating:5
Overall rating: 6.00
Websitesource has gone down a few times, they pulled support for java applets when they changed apache servers and left me high and dry with software that was no longer compatible (they eventually accomodated me by moving me to an older server, but not without frustration), and now they are getting all email to the AOL domain blocked, while other hosting sites aren't.
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Really bad by  
Length of time hosted by this company:For 1 year - 3 years
Date when last hosted by this company:I still do
Plan used:basic
Customer service rating:3
Technical quality rating:3
Cost rating:5
Overall rating: 3.67
When the server went down, they were not to be found. No tech support, no nothing.
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