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Hosting info
Host name : SavingHosting
Additional info: We use industrial strength web server equipment for performance and reliability including Intel Pentium and Sun Sparc based systems. All servers have dual processors, dual 100Mbit Ethernet adapters, a minimum of 1 gigabyte of memory and a server grade mainboard and chipset. Storage is spread across multiple Ultra 160 SCSI hard disk drives sing Adaptec RAID controllers.
Established info: 2001
Submited: 2003-09-09
Rating:7.22 out of 10
Based on:3 votes

Hosting Plans
SavingHosting Small Unix ($1.00/month, $0.00 setup, 10 MB space, 0 GB)
SavingHosting Standard Unix ($5.00/month, $0.00 setup, 400 MB space, 5 GB)
SavingHosting Medium Unix ($8.00/month, $0.00 setup, 600 MB space, 7 GB)
SavingHosting Large Unix ($10.00/month, $0.00 setup, 800 MB space, 10 GB)
SavingHosting Small NT ($2.00/month, $0.00 setup, 10 MB space, 0 GB)
SavingHosting Standard NT ($5.00/month, $0.00 setup, 50 MB space, 1 GB)
SavingHosting Large NT ($10.00/month, $0.00 setup, 300 MB space, 2 GB)

1-worst  10-best

Hosting votes
where's the support?!?!?! (2.0000 / 10) by andrew on 2003-09-26
very good deal. (9.6667 / 10) by Morris G. D. on 2003-10-22
cheap is good (10.0000 / 10) by Jophley on 2003-11-02

cheap is good by Jophley
Customer's web site:
Length of time hosted by this company:For 3 months - 1 year
Date when last hosted by this company:3 months - 1 year ago
Plan used:standard unix
Customer service rating:10
Technical quality rating:10
Cost rating:10
Overall rating: 10.00
I had this hosting for like 8 months...i think the price is good and cheap, and their support team is fast....last time i e-mailed them and got the reply on the same day....
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very good deal. by Morris G. D.  
Length of time hosted by this company:For 1 month - 3 months
Date when last hosted by this company:I still do
Plan used:small unix
Customer service rating:10
Technical quality rating:9
Cost rating:10
Overall rating: 9.67
after reading computer papers' ad, I found savinghosting's $1 plan to be cheapst around.. cannot find better deals on Internet.. tried for 2 months already, no noticeable system downtime; send several questions regarding my email account setup, got friendly reply within 12 hours.. :)
will recommed to others if everything goes smooth after 6 moths.. their new Standard plan is quite competitive, will try that later.
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where's the support?!?!?! by andrew
Length of time hosted by this company:For less than a month
Customer service rating:1
Technical quality rating:3
Cost rating:2
Overall rating: 2.00
i had to wait about a week for the reply from support. Never havesavingif you're designing webs sites for clients. i missed my deadline because of their late responce. i worte 5emails and was looking for a phone number where i could reach them. later, found out that they dont even have a phone number listed... this company has the worst cust support. you cant even call it a host company. you're better off putting up a server of your own.
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