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Shared Hosting Plans If you are going to start your own web hosting business then choosing the right web hosting company at the right price is of the utmost importance because if you are able to find a web hosting plan that can offer you large resource assignments for a reasonable price then you will stand more of a chance of making a profit on the sale of each individual web hosting plan. However, at the same time you don't want to compromise the uptime of your web hosting service by choosing a less than acceptable web hosting company because service reliability will have an impact on consumer confidence. That's why knowing about ResellersPanel reseller hosting will enable you to create a profitable web hosting business. Reseller hosting packages provide you with additional features over multiple-domain hosting plans including management delegation and increased resource assignments; if you are able to define an attractive set of web hosting plans then you should have no problem in develop a successful web hosting business using a reseller web hosting package.

Purchasing power to your cloud hosting company...

ResellersPanel allows you to resell cloud web hosting services, domain names, SSL certificates, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers without any investing a penny actually. It is very explainable, because when you make a sale, you share the profit with ResellersPanel, which is very convenient for all kinds of small web hosting companies.

Let's get to know of how does a ResellersPanel business model work...

First, there are no investments at all, just register your brand name. Second, you will have to choose the services you are going to offer. For instance, to run-through labels and prices. You can create your own cloud hosting packages with the plan builder tool and set your prices for the other products and services you'll be offering, like VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, domain names and SSL certificates. Don't forget to set the prices for the respective upgrade services too. On third place, you should choosing the best design for your online hosting store. Here the best part is that you have a wide range to choose from: 5 front store templates are available, and 50+ web pages each. You also get a pre-set of completely unique texts (meta titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords and body page texts) for your web hosting store. At last, but not least, you have to just start thinking about your marketing strategies!

Here are some of the ResellersPanel's MAIN ADVANTAGES you should to consider:

Three Countries, Four Data Centers

Semi-dedicated Servers

ResellersPanel's network includes data centers located on three continents: North America (USA), Europe (UK and Sweden) and Australia. The difference of data centers will allow you to focus on the local markets.

Resell virtual, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers

ResellersPanel allows to resell VPS servers and become a part of the US VPS hosting market, the European VPS hosting market and the Australian VPS hosting market. In each server package is featured Hepsia - the industry's best hosting Control Panel.

Well - optimized management system

ResellersPanel's Domain Manager is one of the features that is not common among others popular Control Panels like cPanel which do not offer any Domain Managers. Having everything under one roof is a great advantage and your customers will appreciate. This will spare them plenty of time and troubles...

The Industry's Leading Web Hosting Control Panel

It is very important to know that there are some companies in the web hosting business which creating their own intuitive control panels. And ResellersPanel is one of them. You can label the web hosting Control Panel anyway you like. It offers the best user interface you can find at the moment. It offers quick web content management and multiple file selection options. The website stats sections are simply fantastic. One login is enough for your hosting customers to manage their domains, files, emails, databases, web applications, websites and many more...

Tutorials of Each Hosting Control Panel Section

ResellersPanel gives you the chance to play a bit with the Control Panel's functionality...Every part of your hosting Control Panel can be accessed by your potential clients independently. Unlike the demo accounts offered by the cPanel or Plesk-based hosting companies, the demonstrational account of your own web hosting Control Panel works with more than 90% of the sections, simulating live manipulations with domains, files, emails, databases, etc.

An In-built Domain Manager

One of the best advantages of the ResellersPanel is the Domain Manager's multi-select and multi-action tool. Having using it, your customers will be able to register/transfer/renew/manage domain names, to register/manage Name Servers and DNS records, to edit/protect Whois info, to host/park unlimited domains, etc. None of the cPanel reseller web hosting providers is offering such domain management functionality within the client interface. The reason behind this is that there's no such domain management section (usually called a Domain Manager) within their respective Control Panel tools. It is simply missing. Why? It's a good idea to ask them directly. Maybe the companies, which develop the cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin Control Panels think it's still the year 2000...

A Drag-and-Drop File Manager System

Virtuozzo VPS Packages

ResellersPanel also offers a drag-and-drop File Manager System, which will entirely remove the need for using an FTP software. This outstanding file management tool is the first one offering right-click file manipulation functionality along with the ability to drag files from your computer and to drop them inside the desired folder on the server. Editing two or more files at a time is also supported by this avant-garde File Manager exclusively.

Cleverly maintained service and account upgrades

With ResellersPanel you will have the ability to upgrade an average web hosting account to the more independent and powerful virtual server. Just make couples of mouse clicks. Here are a few examples of service upgrades: dedicated IP addresses, more PostgreSQL databases, bigger PostgreSQL db storage, higher CPU quotas, more hosted domains, etc.

Fast and reliable Web Hosting Company Set Up with Just One Click

Being part of the ResellersPanel, immediately allows you to open each next web hosting brand or store in less than 1 minute. As a result you will get a unique web hosting store with more than 50 pages, all search engine optimized.

Develop Multiple Hosting Stores

ResellersPanel gives you the ability to maintain an unlimited number of reseller hosting sub-accounts, or web hosting stores. Just invent a proper name for your next hosting brand and it will take you about 10-20 seconds to have a fully working web hosting site having an absolutely unique look and feel. It's a nice thing too.

Unusual Web Hosting Websites

If you spend a lot of time in google search engines you will like this, being part of ResellersPanel, due to the fact that you get about 50+ nicely designed web hosting store pages with each hosting brand of yours. You also get meta tags (title, description, keywords) and the main block of body text are 100% unique (having unique wording).

Let's have a quick look of the ResellersPanel's MAIN ADVANTAGES (that are common among others hosting companies):

An ICANN Accredited Registrar

Dedicated Servers

An ICANN accredited domain registrars is a multi-action Domain Manager inside the built hosting Control Panel, offering by the ResellersPanel. With it you can register/transfer/renew multiple domain names, edit their Whois details and DNS records, take advantage of the domain privacy feature, create custom Name Servers and custom DNS records, host or park unlimited domain names. There are more than 50 domain extensions available for reselling along with cloud hosting accounts and the VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers.

A well-organized Billing System Offering 99% Fraud Protection

ResellersPanel gives you the freedom of set up any online billing and invoicing system. It's being included automatically. The successful fraud prevention system will protect all your sales and transactions.

24/7 Anonymous Customer and Reseller Support

If the video tutorials are not enough to your customers, the technical support staff will definitely help them. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thus, your cloud hosting customers will be taken good care of.

The Reseller API

As far as the reseller hosting services are concerned, there's no API, which can come closer to the one offered by ResellersPanel. ResellersPanel has included there everything you might need, including an extremely fast domain check functionality (maybe the fastest we have ever experienced so far). Plus, the shared, VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting features can be displayed everywhere you would like to expose them, for whatever reason there might be.

ResellersPanel - The No.1 Reseller Hosting Provider.