Mambo web hosting services for your small personal pages or large corporate portals.
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Mambo Web Hosting

Mambo Web Hosting

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If you have no website design experience or you are looking for an alternative to the software that you are currently using, you may consider one of the most popular Content Management Systems - Mambo. A CMS is a web application used to create and manage dynamic websites through a user-friendly browser interface. In simple words, it is a pre-made website frame on top of which you can add text, pictures, videos, select templates, etc.

Mambo – An Award Winning Application

With over 7 million downloads from the official website alone, Mambo is one of the leading content management applications and it can be used to create any type of website, from a small personal website to large corporate sites and community portals. It is database-driven and since it is written in PHP, it can run on any web hosting platform, from a free web hosting or a shared hosting platform to a VPS or a dedicated server platform, regardless of the Operating System installed on the server - Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, etc. Mambo was first developed in 2001 and has won a number of awards throughout the years – for best CMS, for best open-source application, and many more. Installing the CMS script is easy but companies like 'NTC Hosting' offer Mambo as a part of their 1-click application installation tool, so if you sign up with them, all you will have to do is click on the "Install" button and their system will do the rest.

Mambo - Simple and Advanced Modes

Once Mambo is installed, you can log in and start exploring all the options that it is offering. The administration panel has a Simple and an Advanced mode, allowing the user to select the preferred one on the basis of their knowledge and the confidence in their skills. In both modes, you can create and manage content - create articles, insert images, embed videos, select whether the article will be accessible to all or only to a certain group of registered users and so on. The advanced mode offers a lot of handy tools to manage in-depth any feature of your website or community portal. You can create sections and categories for the articles that you or the other users create, manage media files and site menus, create and edit the access level of a single user account or a whole user group.

Thousands of Mambo Templates and Plug-ins

To add more functionality to your Mambo site, you can install add-ons that can be found both on the official website and on fan websites, since the script is open-source. The large Mambo community contributes with new Mambo templates and thousands of plug-ins to make your work on the site easier. Just a few examples of the plug-ins you can get are forums, shopping carts, templates, multimedia and document management tools. They allow you to create a unique website with the look and functions that you want. All templates and plug-ins are very easy to install through the Mambo administration panel. If the installation file is on your computer, you can browse to it and install the particular plug-in with a single click. You can also add a URL and get a plug-in directly from another website or you can upload the installation file anywhere in your web hosting account and simply type the path to it.

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Mambo's Advantages

One of the main advantages of Mambo is that you can create professional websites without spending a dime for additional software or for a web designer, saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Everything is done through a user-friendly Control Panel that you access through your browser, so you do not need any design or coding skills to create stylish dynamic websites.

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