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A Review of 50Webs

First of all, I am a very thankful 50Webs customer and I do not want my review of 50Webs to sound like an advertisement of this great web hosting company. I was impressed with their simple free hosting services. Now I am impressed with their cloud web hosting services. This is my way of saying ‘Thank you, 50Webs’! Also, I do believe that my positive review of 50Webs will help others in their quest for finding a reliable web hosting partner.

As we all know - nothing is really free in our world. This especially is true for the free hosting service. If you think for a moment, at the end of the day someone has to pay the entire bill: servers, switches, racks + software, support, development, design, billing, etc. expenses. So, how do they do it?

How Do 50Webs Make Money?

The very first impression I got from 50Webs was that they seemed to be very confident with the free web hosting services offered to the customers. The free hosting servers are always up and running, I still have not noticed any downtimes with the free and the shared services. There might have been some, but I have not been able to track them. So, behind this strong confidence that 50Webs have - a money-making strategy must be taking place. Probably, at the end of the day, 50Webs switch many of their clients from a free to a more advanced web hosting package. Many clients start with the free hosting solution. Eventually, some of them upgrade to a fully-featured web hosting package. This is what I actually did myself. I used the free web hosting service for about seven months before turning my attention to their professional cloud hosting services (out of gratitude actually, it is not that I really needed it). If it wasn’t for their professional paid services, 50Webs wouldn’t have stayed in the free web hosting arena for almost a decade now.

Pros and Cons of 50Webs

There is a difference between the free web hosting service and the cloud web hosting service. The free web hosting account is only good for small, mid-sized or large HTML-driven websites. There is no PHP/MySQL support, which someone might count as a drawback. There are no forced ads either, which definitely is a plus. The lack of scripting and database support restricts your website. However, it will score high in Google’s search results, because the website’s load time is really short, which is a major factor for getting a better Google ranking! Every website, which includes scripting and database support, will be at least twice as slow as its HTML-driven mirror version. At least twice as slow. Try it and you will see what I am talking about. So, it's really hard to count the lack of PHP and MySQL support as a drawback, because it gives you more advantages at the end of the day - more Google traffic!

How Good is the Client Interface Offered by 50Webs?

I will need two more pages to describe how good their web hosting Control Panel is! But I will make it as short as possible. This is the 21st century and still, the first logical web hosting Control Panel I saw was the one offered by 50Webs! I had previously been with a few cPanel-based free hosting providers (000webhost and byethost) and there were no domain management tools (for domain registrations, transfers, NS changes, Whois changes, A and MX record updates, etc.) present within their cPanel Control Panel. The same thing with the customer support area! The cPanel-based web hosts will give you separate logins for the website management and the domain/billing/support management areas! More login locations means more problems for you! Why not the other way around? So, 50Webs obviously became aware of this and took advantage of the market situation. They offer only one login location and their web hosting Control Panel is logically built, offering simple functionality. The most important sections for you are the Domain, Email and File Managers. You are going to like those. I love the way they work. I especially love the Domain and File Managers. Multi-select, multi-edit, drag and drop, etc. functionalities are included there. Try their demo versions and you will see what I mean.

Final Words

Being a satisfied customer myself makes things complicated. It's about emotions, isn’t it? But let me help you a bit. Being a satisfied customer also means being more objective. Now experience talks. And this is the only thing that actually matters.

50Webs - The No.1 Free Web Hosting Provider.