cPanel cloud hosting solutions? On a first place check out here whether such thing can actually exists in reality.
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cPanel Cloud Hosting

cPanel Cloud Web Hosting Solutions?!?

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Reseller hosting and "THE BIG CLOUD"? As of now, nearly each and every web hosting and reseller hosting vendor speculates with the motto "cloud web hosting". As it is, the web hosting providers using a real cloud hosting platform are most likely less than the fingers of your two hands. That's a notorious fact. Why is it like this? Because it's darned hard to set up a real cloud web space hosting system. First off, you must find the proper people. In the second place, it takes years for them to establish the cloud web space hosting platform. Finally, it involves lots of cash. Heaps of cash. Not every developer or sysadmin can take part in an assignment such as this one...

A few clouds in the bright web hosting horizon

Contemplate the following: how many hybrid car builders exist out there? Toyota was the oldest pioneer of the serial production of hybrid cars. Started nearly ten years ago. Recollecting anyone else? Huh? Mass production? Come on. Attempt once more. Nissan lately has joined the company... going straightway electric with the Leaf model. So, let's get back to cloud web space hosting... It seems to us, the entire website hosting sky is bright, with very petit clouds around (maybe only several). :-)

cPanel web hosting vs. CLOUD WEB HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting vendors in existence provide real cloud hosting services? Let's not forget, cPanel was built for and still operates only on one single web hosting server. In no less than 99.99% of the cPanel installations worldwide, cPanel operates on one single web server. In brief, the cPanel hosting solution is a one-single-web-hosting-server-does-it-all type of a web space hosting platform. All data storage, mail, database, File Transfer Protocol, web site hosting Control Panel, DNS, etc. tasks are being executed simultaneously on a single hosting server.

Single-server site hosting environments: the queue issue

Here's an illustration: it's like running 8 software programs at the very same time on your personal computer. The computer's performance inescapably slows down noticeably, because now there is a lengthy queue with tasks waiting to be served or fulfilled (created by these eight software programs running at one and the same time). Thus, when the cPanel-based site hosting reseller vendors call the web site hosting solutions that are being offered "cloud hosting-based", it's a good idea to question them: "What sort of cloud are you referring to?"

The thick smog around the cPanel-based "cloud web hosting" platform

This so-called "cloud" these cPanel-dedicated chaps are speaking of, in fact, to a certain extent, looks like a big haze or a heavy fog. Of course this is not a cloud, even a little one. In the best-case scenario, some of the cPanel web hosting suppliers (maybe only a few) succeed to establish a remote database or DNS name server (or servers), and here we go, they immediately declare - we are "in the cloud" now. Yeah, right. Is it a nighttime cloud? Because during the day we can't view it in the sky!

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